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Buckwheat Honey

Bird and the Bees Honey
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Article number: FOOD-BUCHON

This honey is our strongest flavor and is mostly buckwheat but has some clover as well which makes this a more mild buckwheat. True Buckwheat is almost black in color. This buckwheat has a malty almost chocolate or molasses flavor and is really lovely in baked goods. It has a pleasant medium crystal structure which makes it really nice by the spoonful. I find this to be a nice starter buckwheat since pure buckwheat can be almost bitter and pungent. Melted this buckwheat is more the color of chocolate.

About the Maker:

Located in Iola, WI Bird and the Bees Honey is a small family run apiary. They strive to provide honey that taste as close to the hive as we can. That means no heating above hive temperatures and only straining honey so that it maintains the pollen and flavor of the flowers the bees choose to visit.