Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Cardamom Crush

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Josie’s world is spinning out of control. She lives in a crowded house, that is shrinking by the minute. Sharing a bedroom with her sister, Cate, is no picnic, but neither is living at home with her 90-year old Great-Aunt Martha, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Homework keeps piling-up. Her car is ready to fall apart and Christmas is just around the corner. Josie picks up as many extra shifts her bosses throw her way, leaving her little free time to do anything fun. To make matters worse, her former best friend got his old job back at Santa’s Village right across from the mall coffee shop where Josie works. Work used to tolerable, but not anymore. Not when she has to see him nearly every shift.

The plan for sanity this Christmas season? Simple. Win the annual coffee shop drink contest to earn enough money to buy Christmas presents and a better car – all while working near the one person that broke her heart.

Can Josie manage her busy life, family, and school, to create the next best latte and win the grand prize? Will she stay true to herself under the watchful eyes of her former best friend? She’s determined to try…