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Ultimate Secrets : Scavenger Hunt

Sandy Lundberg
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How could it be anything but a hot mess when Smiley, the infamous serial killer of the Northwoods, collides with Payton, a tenacious college student, and her entourage on the beach during spring break? Round Two starts off on the sands of Port Cristibel Island. To get the scavenger hunt rolling, Smiley crashes a wedding and leaves Payton a special gift. Payton and her friends must find the clues and solve the puzzles to save a certain someone. Along the way secrets are revealed, making some look more guilty than others. If Payton is to come out of this alive and victorious, she will have to creatively lie and problem solve to epic proportions. This will no doubt be a calamity-filled adventure with Smiley at the wheel. Who is ready to play a game?

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