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Fahrenheit Card Game

Donovan's Deal LLC
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Article number: THNG-FAHCARG

Fahrenheit is a game about weather, featuring positive and negative temperature values ranging from –32° to +32°. Using temperature value cards and weather wildcards, the temperature rises and falls throughout each round of the game and at the end of each round you are given a personal temperature score.

Created in Siren, WI


Follow this link here to see a preview on how to play

How to Play:

A game of Fahrenheit consists of a predetermined number of rounds (usually equal to the number of players) where the ultimate goal is to keep your personal temperature score closest to zero after all rounds are completed.

To begin, an initial dealer is chosen and each player is dealt 5 cards to hold in their hand. The remaining cards in the deck are then placed at the center of the play area and the top card is flipped over to determine the starting temperature. If the starting temperature is a positive value, the round begins with the temperature direction "getting warmer". If the starting temperature is a negative value, the round beings with the temperature direction "getting colder".

The round ends when a player runs out of cards in their hand.

Using the initial temperature as reference, players take turns playing cards out of their hand, following the direction of the current temperature.

At any given time there is an active temperature value card in the center of the play area, and an active temperature direction that applies to the round.

Example: The current active temperature displayed in the center play area is +20° and the direction is that the temperature is getting warmer. Only cards with a temperature value greater than +20° or wildcards may be played.

At the end of each round, there will be a player that runs out of cards in their hand. This results in a round score of zero which is then added to the player's cumulative game score.

For all players that end the round with cards in their hand, a round score is determined and added to each player's cumulative game score.

Temperature value cards are scored at face value–either positive or negative–and wildcards are scored as either positive or negative 20 depending on the card(s).

Example: A player that ends the round with the cards shown at left in their hand (–12°, +6°, and +30°) would have a round score of +24°. There are no wildcards, so each card is scored at face value.

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