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Herbal Tea - Goddess

Sacred Blossom Farm
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Article number: FOOD-HTGOD

Raspberry Leaf tea is known as woman’s best friend. Raspberry Leaf teas can be beneficial for a range of female health issues from menstrual discomfort and PMS to supporting fertility, healthy pregnancy, nursing, and beyond. Raspberry Leaf nourishes and tones reproductive organs in women as well as men. Sacred Blossom Farm hand harvest our Raspberry Leaves from wild wooded areas near our farm in Lookout, Wisconsin. They believe these wild plants are more medicinally potent than the cultivated alternative.

Nettles, Milky Oats and Beet Root boost the mineral and medicinal properties of this tea while Apple pieces and Chocolate Mint round out the flavor and make Goddess one of our tastiest blends.

Drink daily or sporadically, depending on your needs.

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