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Plant - 6" Sansevieria 'Golden Flame'

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Article number: PLANT-SANGOLDFLA

Light: Your Sansevieria will do best in moderate to bright indirect light. However, they will adapt to low light areas and can also withstand full sun.

Water: Your Sansevieria does not need much water, and overwatering can cause the roots of the plant to rot. Allow the soil to completely dry out in between waterings.

Humidity: This plant does not require any extra humidity.

Temperature: Your Sansevieria with thrive in average household temperatures of 55-85 degrees, but they prefer to be kept on the warmer end of the spectrum.

Food: Fertilize your plant twice a year with general-purpose plant food.

Toxicity: Sansevierias are mildly toxic to pets and humans. Typically, ingestion will cause mouth and stomach irritation and possible vomiting.

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