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Plant - Peperomia 'Marble' 4"

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Article number: PLANT-PEPMARB

A variegated version of a classic. Peperomia make great plants for beginners, just follow the care instructions below!

Light: Bright, indirect light is preferred. While it can tolerate lower lighting conditions, it may lose some of its stunning variegation. Avoid direct light as that will burn its stunning foliage!

Water: Peperomia prefer to dry out. Either allow the top few inches of soil to dry out, or give the leaves a gentle squeeze, if they have a slight give or softness to it they are probably ready for water!

Humidity: If you are able, this plant will prefer a higher humidity to mimic its tropical home. Peperomia can adjust to average household conditions, but it may lose a few leaves in the process.

Temperature: Average household temperatures are fine for this plant. Avoid drafty areas

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