Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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Print - Wonders of Wisconsin Giclee

Keep the Faye
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Article number: ART-PWOOWIGIC

This print features the Wonders of Wisconsin and there are many. It is a 19" by 27" sheet. It is off-set litho printed in three colors - green, yellow and red.

The Wonders of Wisconsin includes scenic statuary, attractions, outsider art, fish-shaped buildings (1), famous restaurants (Norske Nook), light houses, a giant ball of twine, architectural wonders, cheese heads, the state capitol and the House on the Rock, among many other things. Wisconsin is home to the Hamburger Capital of the World, the Dickeyville Grotto, Ufo Days Fest (3), Concrete Park, the Hodag, Beef-A-Rama, the Accordion Museum, the Jump Rope Capital, Kohler Arts Center, Circus World Museum, the Mustard Museum, the Troll Capital, the beer capital and Prison City. Makes you want to head over there if you aren't already there. Half the state drinks pop. The other half drinks soda.

Faye Passow is originally from farm country in western Wisconsin. She has a BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and currently resides in Minneapolis.