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Shower Scrub - Frosted Cranberry

Sunny Daze Bath & Body
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Get in the spirit of the season with Frosted Cranberry Shower Scrub! Fine sugar crystals exfoliate dead skin away, and silky coconut oil moisturizes to prevent dryness and cracking. Cranberry Seed Oil, Orange Essential Oil, and Pure Vanilla Extract bring all the scents of the holidays, plus fresh cranberries provide antioxidants for healthy skin!

How It’s Made:

Refined Coconut Oil, White Sugar, And Sunflower Oil Are Mixed Until Fluffy. Then Vitamin E Oil And Pure Vanilla Extract Are Added, Along With Cranberry Seed Oil And Orange Essential Oil For Scent. Finally, Freshly Chopped Cranberries Are Folded Into The Mixture Which Is Scooped Directly Into Your 8oz Jar!

To Use:

Scoop A Small To Medium Amount In Your Hand. Gently Massage Into Skin, And Then Rinse Off With Water. Good For Use In The Shower (Use Caution As Tub Can Become Slightly Slippery), Or In The Sink After Washing Hands.

Ingredients: Refined Coconut Oil, White Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Cranberries, Pure Vanilla Extract, Essential Oils: Orange, Cranberry Seed.

-For Topical Use Only.

-Consult Physician Before Use If Nursing Or Pregnant.

-Keep Out Of Reach Of Children And Pets.

-Discontinue Use If Reaction Or Breakouts Occur.

-Can Cause Shower Floor To Become Slippery.

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