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YB Uber Dry? Body Butter (4 oz.)

YB Urban? is an aromatherapy and wellness boutique in Ellsworth, WI offering natural personal care products made fresh in-house.
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Article number: THNG-YBBB-Balsamwood

This is a thicker, creamier natural lotion, but is not greasy, and goes on silky smooth. Only a small dab goes a long way in moisturizing body, face, and feet! 

Lavender & Litsea:
The softness of lavender, the joyful nature of Litsea, and the deep earthiness of carrot seed and myrrh make this a peaceful, happy blend to bask in all day long.

This natural, woodsy blend is fresh and a hint masculine. The rejuvenating scents of fir and cedar combined with the pain relieving properties of copaiba balsam and frankincense make it perfect for hardworking hands and feet.

Herb Garden:
Fresh and invigorating with the herbal essences of sage, marjoram, tea tree, and rosemary essential oils.

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