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You Won't Be Coming Back

Beverly Finn
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Article number: BK-4001-CS

"“You Won’t Be Coming Back”, a premise for all of life’s stages, was written in response to a directive given to a mother by her son: “You have a sacred duty and a moral obligation to write this down. You need to get this written for our family and for future generations.”

“Beverly, gather all your things because you won’t be coming back” was spoken to the author by her high school principal on the day she was taken out of her home to be placed in foster care. Never forgotten, they are a metaphor for life itself.

Based in the language rich environment of northwest Wisconsin in the 40’s and 50’s, it is a true story of survival and hope, in the genre of The Glass Castle, Breaking Dawn, and Beyond The Open Well. In writing this, the author shares how she accomplished an early vow to herself to get out of poverty. With the help of teachers and loving support, she was able to overcome hardship, to go from “an impudent little snip” to a polished professional, leading a respected life of serving others.

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