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Incense - Cones

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Box of 10 hand-rolled incense cones. Made with real plant ingredients - no fragrance oils. All botanical ingredients are top-quality and responsibly sourced


Purity: A functional remedy of health-promoting herbs to clear negative energies and sweeten your environment. Features aromatic herbs and resins which have been used for respiratory cleansing when burned throughout the ages.

Love: A sensuous, earthy blend of flowers, patchouli, and rose.

Peace: A clean, uplifting blend featuring lavender and frankincense - traditional tools for softening the sharp edges of the mind.

Grove: Take a walk through a grove of sacred evergreens with this warm bundle of cedar, white pine, spruce, and juniper.

Strange Mist: A witch's bittersweet brew designed to enhance and encourage visions and dreams. Burn one cone before bedtime for an easy passage into your world of dreams.

Mind Your Business: A spicy blend of prosperity-promoting herbs, seeds, barks, and resins designed to help invigorate your patience, confidence, and will.