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Consignment Information

The Local Store works with many community members to offer a truly local experience to its customers via products such as books, music, art, and more. Our consignment agreement offers payouts for 60% of the consigned items sold, with a quarterly payout upon request.

In some cases, a sample product is requested for consignment consideration. For books & music, the consignor may donate an additional product for editorial review to be considered for an article in a future issue of Volume One Magazine. The sample or donated product will be returned to the consignor upon request.

The Local Store provides a payout opportunity to consignment account holders every three months (each quarter: March, June, September, December), with payout checks mailed by the end of the next month (January, April, July and October). Payouts must be requested each quarter by the consignor in order to be included in our quarterly payouts. Accounts must have a minimum of $20 accrued on their account to qualify for a payout. Exceptions may be made for account holders whose items feature very low sale prices, holders that desire a permanent closure of their consignment account, or other rare scenarios.