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Parenting Marathon

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Got Parenting Challenges? This 10-step training guide will equip you to tackle your current and future parenting challenges with confidence, compassion, and courage.

Just like training for and running a marathon, Parenting Marathons require perseverance, strength, perspective, and skill. In fact, during your years as a parent, you will participate in several unique versions of this endurance event. No doubt about it, each of these undertakings will be tough, but with the proper training, they will also provide opportunities for growth and discovering the joy in the journey.

There are moments in parenting that are tougher than you expected, but as you train and implement the steps inside Parenting Marathon, you will find that you are tougher than you expected.

Dana Parisi is a Certified Parent Coach, Certified Educational Trainer, Physical Therapist, mom of four, and a long-distance runner. She is passionate about helping families move from survive to THRIVE by working with parents of children and teens who have persistent challenging behaviors and/or a history of trauma.