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Frequent Questions

  • Who should I contact about selling items in your store?

    Email our store manager at [email protected].

  • Are all of your products locally made?

    A lot of them, yes! Some product our staff designs and creates ourselves. Some are created by any number of amazing local makers (see our Meet The Makers web page).

    Whenever possible the products throughout the store are sourced as close to our store as possible whether that's from the Chippewa Valley, the state of Wisconsin, the Midwest, or the good ol’ US of A.

    But in addition to featuring products made near this place, we also have some products that simply evoke a sense of this place. Sometimes we’ll love a product or idea so much and discover we can’t get it or anything like it locally. In those cases we may sometimes look outside our borders to bring people products they love.

    But know that the spirit of The Local Store is always local first whenever possible, and we achieve a very high rate of success on that goal!