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CD - Friend Rock

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A revival of 90’s alternative, Wisconsin's off-kilter rock trio NEWSKI enlists a friend/musical influence on every track for their LP Friend Rock (April 7). From veterans like Matthew Caws (Nada Surf), Brian Vander Ark (the Verve Pipe), Ryan Miller (Guster), Miles Nielsen, and Scott Terry (Red Wanting Blue) to overseas acts like H Burns (France), The Secret Beach (Canada), and The Shabs (South Africa), NEWSKI compiles an internationally collaborative album from his own tiny house in Wisconsin. 

The durable three-piece will hit American, European and South African highways for a 100 date touring year behind the new LP. Featuring Steve "Mr Bicep" Vorass on drums, Sean "Tubs" Anderson on 4-string & Brett Newski on guitars and vocals. 

*Drawings by Bocho. Layout by Newski

We are nothing without our friends.


“Most of my friends I started with in music have since retired, which makes me feel like the world has turned and left me here. Collaborating with fellow “musician lifers” on this album made me feel less lonely and insane,” explains Newski. “It’s been neat to become pals with musical heroes from childhood.”


Some of the connections on Friend Rock were made during NEWSKI’s podcast “Dirt from the Road”, where guest musicians would have a laugh about their worst moments on the road. 

Social science research shows community and friendship are consistent common denominators in the happiest countries in the world. Belonging to the right tribe is a catalyst to health and longevity. Friend Rock is an ode to the power of community. 

A good friend is hard to find. So when you find those rare gems, you gotta keep them in your life.


1. Freak Flag Fly (feat Magic Charles)

2. Chemicals (feat Matthew Caws)

3. Nevermind, Not Nirvana

4. Only MacCaulay Culkin Can Save Us Now (feat Red Wanting Blue)

5. If We’re Gonna Breakup, Lets Make It Take Forever (feat Miles Nielsen)

6. Too Much Reality (feat H Burns )

7. Why Even Bother? (feat Brian Vander Ark)

8. Airplane (feat Ryan Miller)

9. Flake Town (feat The Shabs)

10. Nevermind, Not Nirvana (feat The Secret Beach)



Produced by Spatola and NEWSKI

Engineered and mixed by Spatola in Milwaukee, WI. 

Drawings: Bocho. Art layout: NEWSKI

Mastering: Justin Perkins


All songs written by NEWSKI

"Flake Town" written by NEWSKI/Shaban

Guitars and vocals: NEWSKI

Drums, bass & keys: Spatola

Guest vocals: Matthew Caws, Scott Terry, Miles Nielsen, 

Brian Vander Ark, Ryan Miller, Jon Shaban, Micah Erenberg

Live band: Steve Vorass, Sean Anderson

Pedal Steel: Leroy Deuster