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Cheese Sprinkles Dog Food Topper

Dog Treats Made in WI
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Sprinkle a dash of deliciousness on your dog's meals with Koira's Gourmet Freeze-Dried Cheese Sprinkles Dog Food Topper! Lovingly made from the finest cheese, these sprinkles are a simple yet delightful way to enhance your pet's dining experience. The cheese is expertly freeze-dried, capturing all the delectable flavors and essential nutrients. This process creates light, airy cheese sprinkles that are perfect for adding a cheesy, savory touch to any dog food. Ideal for encouraging appetite in picky eaters or just as a special treat, these Cheese Sprinkles are free from artificial additives and preservatives. They're a healthy, tasty, and fun addition to your dog's daily meals, providing both nutrition and enjoyment in every sprinkle!

Weight: 9 oz.