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Fish Outta Water (CD)

There's "a long haired crazy moonshining outlaw songwriter with a big beard from Eau Claire, Wisconsin who recorded a double vinyl album while still...
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There's "a long haired crazy moonshining outlaw songwriter with a big beard from Eau Claire, Wisconsin who recorded a double vinyl album while still tattooing every day. Did I mention he makes killer hummus?" An incredible quote from John Richardson (owner of the Drum Farm Studio) speaking of Justin Webb, the man behind Diver Ida (a newly released Alternative Rock project). Residing in the Chippewa Valley of Wisconsin, Justin is a singer-songwriter as well as a father of two beautiful children and a business owner and artist of Midwest Tattoo. With every spare moment he has spent the last four years creating his eccentric and diverse first new album Fish Outta Water.

Diver Ida, sounding like a redneck Pink Floyd, is 100% artist created, owned, and funded. Set to be released on June 30th, 2015, Diver Ida's first album Fish Outta Water will be available for purchase on, iTunes and at Midwest Tattoo located in Eau Claire, WI (you can also listen on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and Vimeo). Diver Ida also designed an immaculate double record vinyl in hopes for a release date towards the end of August 2015. Busy as a father and successful business owner a tour has not been set in place yet, but a solo acoustic show at Revival Records, in Eau Claire, WI will be happening at the end of August to celebrate the vinyl release. Fellow artists John Richardson, Johnny Stanton, Cory Wong and Kevin Gastonguay will come together to play Diver Ida's first live performance at a local underground festival in Chippewa Falls, WI. A formal second show is set for Monday August 31st at the historic Stones Throw located in downtown Eau Claire, WI.

Born in Moreno Valley, CA and living in 10 states before the age of 16, Justin had his share of life changing experiences to influence his music. As a young lad in the 4th grade living in Tupelo Mississippi, his dad's best friend Willie Weaver (aka Fuz) taught him all he needed to know on the drums. From there he grew with an ever-changing music industry, learning to play more than just his Slingerland drum set. In 2001 Justin had the pleasure of being able purchase one of Ben Harper's guitars, a 1920's Weissenborn. Being inspired by both Ben Harper and his new Weissenborn, Justin's music writing took on a new touch. In his early twenties he became a traditionally trained West African percussionist and toured the United States for more than 2 years with an aggressive acoustic/folk band called Madison Greene. From this experience he had the opportunity to play percussion for the Ragbirds on a small tour of the Midwest ending at Harvest Festival in Geneva, MN.

While recording with another local band in 2013 at the Drum Farm Studio in Menomonie, WI, Justin met John Richardson, owner of the Drum Farm and previous drummer of a hit 90's band The Gin Blossoms. Connections were made, and here came the creation of Fish Outta Water! Local artists as well as artists including Adam Ollendorff (Kacey Musgraves) from Nashville, TN came together and recorded Justin's first 16 songs you'll hear on the up and coming album. After many fun filled sessions at the Drum Farm songs were sent to Joe Baldridge of Garage Rock Studio for Mixing and then to Richard Dodd for Mastering.

From old school rock and heavy metal, to West African drumming and folk, Diver Ida had an extremely diverse musical influence. Having been inspired by the talented artists involved in the creation of his album, as well as inspiration from tattooing fellow artist and friend Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, a 2nd Diver Ida album is currently in the works. Updates concerning album and vinyl release as well as performances will be posted to; you may also find information on Facebook and Instagram by searching Diver Ida. Just remember, "Where there's a will there's a way it doesn't matter what you say, I don't care any day there's no time anyway, know how".