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Freezing, Thawing: New & Revised Stories from the Midwest

Kyle White
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Article number: BK-FTNRS-CS

The Upper Midwest has two seasons: freezing and thawing. Being under the mercy and mystery of that reality, Midwesterners have come to be marked by humility, humor, and neighborliness. The new and revised essays and poems of "Freezing, Thawing" by Kyle L. White reflect this place and these people.

White’s writing has been described thusly:
“Strikes the perfect balance between nostalgia, insight, & humor.”
-review of "Wisconsin River of Grace" (2009, Cornerstone Press)

“Fun, thoughtful, profound in its simplicity.”
-review of "Neighbor As Yourself" (2016)

“Delightful...thought-provoking. At times laughing-out-loud funny.”
-review of "Winter is Scissors" (2018)

“...[a] profound literary, spiritual, and introspective journey that awaits readers with tranquil reflection and reconsideration.”-review of "Bear. With Me. {A Field Journal}" (2019)

"Freezing, Thawing: New & Revised Stories from the Midwest" by Kyle L. White continues on this path.

White is an author and illustrator residing with his wife in northern Illinois and pining for Wisconsin. You can explore his other work at