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Mad for Plaid Jiggie Puzzle

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Are you mad for plaid? This new tricky Mad For Plaid Jiggie Puzzle features a cute, nostalgic lunchbox and thermos that will stump even the best puzzlers! The perfect counter display add-on!

This Jiggie Puzzle takes 10–60 minutes to complete, delivers a needed sanity break, and comes with a fun one-liner greeting that's tailored for all-occasion gifting, stocking stuffers, bedtime wind-downs, or couples therapy.

You think it looks easy? Guess again. Some can complete in 10 minutes, but others might take a wee bit longer. All ages can enjoy the challenge. Why? Because life just gets too darn serious sometimes, so you gotta slow things down with some old-school fun. Stackable, sturdy packaging.

Approximate finished size: 8.25” x 7”