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Quotebook Journal

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The perfect gift for friends or family, take a look inside Quotebook and explore our featured writing prompts to recreate memories that'll last a lifetime.

For Couples: My wife and I write down all the stuff that we say to make each other laugh.

For Families: Our kids say the darndest things! Our 4-year-old is the most quoted person in the book!

For Friends: Have a college student on a new adventure making new friends? College kids use Quotebook to capture a keepsake snapshot of all the hilarity that doesn't make Instagram.

For Nanas and their grandkids: Give the gift of laughter, and help grandparents capture amazing memories.

Technical Description:
200 pages - room for 400 quotes!
Premium 120g paper - won't bleed or run
Cover: 3mm hardcover interwoven blue cloth cover
350g kraft paper jacket
Size: 208x142mm