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Unfaltering Flame

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Unfaltering Flame represents Stephanie Nesja’s exploration of faith from childhood into adulthood. Along the way, she encounters various forms of grief, including losing a close friend after high school and an aunt in her thirties. Additionally, Stephanie struggles with finding her identity and where she fits in, a prospect made even more difficult following her father’s divorce after 25 years of marriage.

Presented as a linked essay collection, each of the included four essays focus on the major themes of faith, grief, and places of importance. These themes ultimately form a collaborative bond by the end of Stephanie's stories, linking together the literal and metaphorical moving throughout each physical location in relation to her journey of grieving multiple hardships throughout her life.

Places explored include a small community in Honduras, as well as a beloved wine bar once owned by her aunt, and her father’s house in Stephanie's hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. As she struggles to understand her evolving identity, Stephanie recognizes the role of her spiritual growth from childhood into adulthood and how it has shaped the woman she has become as a daughter of Christ.