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A Dragon by the Tale

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The unexpected death of their village’s Rune Master sets six young friends on a long journey to secure both their safety and for one of them to complete the necessary training and return as the new village Rune Master. Things go awry for the young men as the danger that drove them from their homes relentlessly trails them from village to village, and other dangers that they meet on the road take their own toll. But the one danger they never expected to encounter was the awesome might of a Dragon. Caught between the lives of their people and the wrath of a wounded terror, the haphazard mix of companions must make their attempt in the frozen mountains and place themselves between winged death and huddled villagers. Will their strength and wits prove to be enough to meet the challenge of Pytherex Deathcoil? Can they decode a secret from old tales in time to use it to their advantage? Or have they taken on a task that is simply too big for any mortal?