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A Mermaid's Guide

Michelle Lang
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What can you do TODAY to help protect your child? Lots. A MERMAID’S GUIDE is your new, must have parenting book. Stop telling your child to blow bubbles and start planting the proper seeds to ensure your child becomes a strong, joyful swimmer.

A MERMAID’S GUIDE will reveal an empowering, “empathy forward”, and innovative approach to swimming. It’s imperative you read this book and understand how the water works so you can introduce your child to swimming in a productive, mindful and powerful way… starting in the bathtub.

Author, Michelle Lang, was a swim prodigy and childhood competitive swimmer. As an adult, she became a WSI certified Red Cross swim instructor. However, Michelle found the “traditional” approach to swim lessons ineffective and outdated.  In a quest to better teach her students, Michelle spent the past decade studying, researching and designing her modern, effective swim method called Relaxation Based Swimming. The method focuses on connecting the mind, body, and spirit in relation to overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness both in water and in life.  

A MERMAID’S GUIDE unveils methods, tips, exercises and secrets previously only available to Hollywood’s biggest stars. Now you can now use the same techniques and exercises to turn your child into a mermaid | merman. The book contains over fifty stunning photos, charts, and cartoons to guide you on your journey.