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Abandoned Wisconsin: The Demise of America's Dairyland

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America's Dairyland is in distress. Its rural farmlands are dwindling. Join Troy Hess, rural explorer and award-winning photographer, as he travels the backroads of Wisconsin in search of these "rural ruins." Abandoned Wisconsin exemplifies the slow demise of America's Dairyland, a place where architectural decay runs rampant like a noxious contagion. Speckled with black mold, these poisonous structural shells remain as toxic concoctions of lead paint and asbestos shingles.

Captured through the seasons, these neglected and forgotten structures fall victim to time and the elements, left behind and barely standing. Some have fallen, some are vandalized, and most have been razed. All have seen better days. In a time lost and long forgotten, some of these places can still be found adorning the Wisconsin countryside. Readers will journey down roads less traveled as they explore these hidden treasures, captured and documented within these pages to immortalize their existence before they are gone forever.