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Adventurer Baby: A Book of First Encounters

by Nikki Wilson
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Adventurer Baby is not your average baby book. This baby book is meant as a keepsake for your specific memories of more than just milestones but big events and trips in baby's life. This could be within the first year or beyond. I hope that you find adequate space and specific pages to record more than just your typical first steps and first words. Our goal is to inspire parents to get their babies out there and make some memories as a family to fill this book. I know your child will enjoy looking back on these shared memories and stories in the future.

Entries include but are not limited to the following. All entries have space for stories, photos and any other keepsakes from your adventures:

First Encounters With: Bugs, fish, sand, water
First Outdoor Experiences: Hiking, catching a fish, sleeping in a tent
First Time Transportation: Riding a bike, on a plane, in a kayak or canoe
First visits to the states, including a map of the United States
First visit out of the country
First Adventures: Trip to the ocean, to a National Park, camping

This book is written and illustrated by Nikki Wilson, a first-time, stay-at-home mom who wants to help families share experiences and remember their child's first moments of enjoying life. Happy documenting!