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Adventures in Glacier Bay

Kent Syverson
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Ever thought about living off the grid? Adventures in Glacier Bay describes Kent Syverson’s experiences with the National Geographic Society’s Burroughs Glacier Expedition. In 1989-90, the author spent two summers living 50 miles from the nearest human outpost in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska. Syverson, who was then a young glacial geology graduate student, made numerous mistakes and encountered many adventures and hardships in the wilderness.

Syverson chronicles food and toilet paper shortages, the Death March, his encounter with the Plain of Doom, the joys of ice cream, and everyday life in the backcountry. He also explores the excitement and emotional turmoil of going home. The book is beautifully illustrated with more than 100 color photographs, and Syverson uses humor, personal reflections, and photographs to immerse the reader in his Alaskan wilderness adventure.

The author matures as he learns to live in Glacier Bay, and he also discovers how time in the wilderness has prepared him for life in civilization.

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