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Beyond Halcyon

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In this second book of the Halcyon series, we find our three heroes from the first book – Sean, Adam and Katy, also known as the Chosen Ones – struggling to adapt to their mundane lives in Wisconsin after the fantastic adventures they experienced in the medieval kingdom of Halcyon. Even worse, their parents divorced and their father remarried, bringing an incredibly annoying and disruptive stepbrother into their lives.

Fed up with Shawn Michael’s outrageous behavior and attitude, the other children lure him into the haunted house down the street to play some nasty tricks on him. During this sinister game, their stepbrother stumbles upon a passage transporting him to the troubled country of Walisali, a neighbor of Halcyon.

Realizing that they are responsible for Shawn Michael’s disappearance, Sean David, Adam, and Katy follow the boy through the passage and find themselves caught up in the midst of a civil war. The children reunite with Canis, supreme leader of the wolves of Halcyon, and make valuable new friends and allies who aid them in retrieving their magical weapons from the Forest of Death and challenging the Cave of No Return.

Along the way, the Chosen Ones discover that their stepbrother has a remarkable power of his own, helping them survive overwhelming odds and reach the capitol city of Kalikilak, where they join forces in the climactic battle in the magnificent stadium called the Palindrome. The children and their allies, both human and animal, must use their combined resources and powers to survive and overcome their many enemies.

As the children face the tremendous challenges and dangers together, they learn to appreciate each other and develop into a close-knit family, as well as a powerful combined force.