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Catnip Kicker- Cow Print

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Unleash your kitty's inner hunter with the purr-fectly irresistible Cat Kicker!

This mighty little toy, measuring about 2 inches wide and 10 inches long, packs a double punch of engaging fun and durable design.

Cuddle up to comfort: Quilted cotton construction makes this kicker soft and snuggly, the ideal companion for lazy lounging and gentle kneading.

Kick into high gear: Packed with a potent blend of catnip and polyfill, this kicker unleashes your cat's playful instincts, turning them into a furry flurry of kicks and pounces.

Built to last: Don't worry about ripped seams or deflated fun. Surged seams make this kicker extra tough, able to withstand even the most enthusiastic attacks from those adorable but sharp murder mittens.

More than just a toy, the Cat Kicker is an invitation to play, cuddle, and unleash your cat's inner wildcat. Watch them bat, bunny kick, and wrestle their way to purr-fect contentment!