Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Cinnamon Honey Spread

Honey Acres Inc.
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Pure ”raw” clover honey with natural ground cinnamon mixed in for a delicious, guilt-free, two ingredient spread!

Contrary to its name there is -no- creme in it and it is -not- whipped, It's smooth, crystallized, and perfectly spreadable! Spread on any kind of breakfast bread (toast, bagel, english muffin, etc.), add to any tea or coffee to create a delicious sweet spiced (almost chi) flavor, drizzle on ice cream, pastries, or cookies, use it to make delicious french toast or apple pie... So many possibilities!

Wisconsin Honey! Dairy-free and made when we harness honey's natural crystallization process to make it into a spreadable and creamy treat! Kosher Certified & Gluten Free Certified & Dairy Free