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Cooper's Folly

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Article number: BK-CF-CS

He may not be Mr. Mom, but he could be Mr. Perfect.

One burned-out lawyer applying to work as a nanny.
One stressed-out single mom desperate for help.
Two kidlets looking for a daddy.
Crazy? But they might just make a family.

Molly’s eyes took another quick sweep of him. Gorgeous. But she needed a nanny not a stud, and she needed one today. “This isn’t a joke? You’re serious about this job?”
He nodded.
Molly reviewed her options one last time. Unfortunately, with her job on the line and two small children depending on her, she had just one. This man. This—okay—tall, very attractive, very blond, very tempting man. She had neither the time nor the tolerance for casual or even not-so-casual flings, but she appreciated a gorgeous man when she saw one. She wasn’t dead yet. Cooper Meredith was clearly not dead yet, either. More Saturday-night-date material than nanny material, but maybe she could make this work until she got home from New York.
“Well, Mr. Meredith? What’s your answer?”
“Ms. Perrell, it’s a resounding yes.”