Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Socks - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese

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While it has not been scientifically confirmed, we are relatively confident that Wisconsinites dream of cheese more often than dreamers in other states.

About the Maker
In the Spring of 2016, Mike created Funatic. Less than a year later, he called his lifelong friend Tanya and asked her to come aboard as Creative Director. Now, these old friends spend their days designing funny, pop-culture inspired socks backed by an amazing team making sure Funatic finds its way to independent stores and boutiques across the USA. Funatic is LGBTQ owned and based in Minneapolis, MN.

Size: One-size-fits-most: Women 7.5 - 12. Men 6 - 11
Machine wash
Fabric: 70% Cotton, 28% Polyester, 2% Elastic
Made in China