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Dark Savior: Revelation

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A shocking crime in the mountains of Idaho initiates dual investigations by agents of both press and government. While the Department of Homeland Security works with Special Agents Hollister and Johnson of the FBI, veteran television journalist Robbie Jackson races against them to find the truth and prevent a cover-up.

As the investigators trace the source of the attack they find themselves caught up in the midst of a global phenomena, over sixty years in the making. This phenomena in our skies threatens to quickly evolve from a mere curiosity to a more decided and otherworldly menace. ‘Human Interest’ reporter Rachel Durham will have to move quickly and decide whether to trust her sources and her instincts if she wishes to catch up with her veteran colleague and get to the bottom of things.

Following the trail to the deserts of New Mexico, the competing investigators uncover a conspiracy perpetrated by a worldwide organization wielding advance weapons and other technologies that have been forged from all our discarded futures. Leading this organization, one man is poised to shape events according to his plan. Is the confusion that has descended around the globe and the extraordinary events that are unfolding high above the Earth, all orchestrated by one man, or are things beginning to spin out of control?

As the world tumbles into chaos and growing darkness, it is spurred on further by aggression from unknown invaders. Will what the investigators find in the empty spaces of the American southwest pave the way for the fall of mankind before an overwhelming threat, or prove to be humanity’s only hope of salvation?