Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Doing Time: A Novel

Christopher Kunz
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Article number: BK-DTAN-CS

Sentenced to the future by the Wisconsin Experimental Prison, identity thief Mike Newhouse is dropped into Eau Claire in 2151, a city transformed by past plagues into a sustainable, zero-growth, and highly connected society. Spied on by the men who launched his 131-year leap, Mike unwittingly sends information back to the present—to be used for good and nefarious purposes.

When Mike arrives in Eau Claire, the Prolong Life Movement (PLM), a shadowy organization with a controversial agenda to double human life expectancy, has targeted the city. Mike soon finds himself taking the blame for disease outbreaks that threaten the survival of Eau Claire's residents. Together with Gina, the confident environmental engineer Mike falls for, he must risk everything to discover the source of the PLM's power before it's too late.

Doing Time is the journey of a man plunged into an unfamiliar future only to discover the biggest challenge isn’t change but what remains the same—love, deceit, and relationships.