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Dr. Kate Is On Her Way!

Becky Adamski Krische
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Meet Dr. Kate! She was a medical doctor from 1931-1956 in Northern Wisconsin who specialized in delivering babies and pediatric care. Dr. Kate is remarkable for many reasons. As a medical doctor, she expertly handled it all: immunizations, common colds, burns, delivering babies, poisonings and even gunshot wounds! Without a hospital, Dr. Kate was challenged to work independently. For years, she traveled to patients by car and relied on the items in her medical bag. In the snowy winter months, she regularly snowshoed to those in need of urgent medical care.

Dr. Kate deeply loved her community. She made efforts to improve water quality, milk quality, oversee medical treatment of youth camps and began an effort to build a community hospital. Her devotion to the local community led to Dr. Kate becoming a national celebrity. Dr. Kate was featured on a popular television show and in national magazines for her remarkable talents as a doctor and love of caring for others.

Dr. Kate faced many challenges, but her deep passion for caring for others caused her to meet those challenges with resilience and practical thinking.