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Emily (Novel)

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Emily possessed an inexhaustible treasure of facial expression and her expressions were genuine. She had lively, thin, dark, eyebrows, arched above eyes that could shift from a placid softness to a razor sharp glare with an astonishing suddenness. Her mouth and lips formed into a vast array of configurations that were expressive of even the most subtle mood change. Tim felt as if he were peering directly at a soul unmasked, a soul that had grown to maturity without being tarnished by the sarcasm, the skepticism, the cynicism, and all the other ism’s and asm’s that plague civilization. A soul that had clung tenaciously to the childlike wonder, optimism, hope, that is so often lost. Indeed, it was the loss of these that Tim lamented and their re-turn that he longed for, though, this was as yet, unclear to him.