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Exhibit 692: Love in the Time of Zombies

Margaret L. Fisher
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Article number: BK-MF-CS

Described as a "zombie novel with a twist", Exhibit 692: Love in the Time of Zombies takes readers on a very personal journey through The Outbreak. Karen, a solitary survivor in her mid-twenties, decides on a whim to start recording her daily life as she travels around the Midwest, decapitating every zombie she comes across. Separated from everyone she loves, she finally realizes it's time to head home and find the answers she's been too afraid to search for. Part of her knows there's a bigger threat than zombies or her fellow humans, who are often just as willing to eat one another as the zombies. The problem is that denial is the only thing holding Karen together. At least until Ron climbs into her life. Exhibit 692: Love in the Time of Zombies is a journal recovered by the fictitious establishment "The Outbreak Institute and Archives", some 200 years in the future. Footnotes accompany the journal, making it a unique piece of fiction that ties together many genres. Equal parts psychological exploration, satire, romance, and horror (with zombies sprinkled on top), Exhibit 692 is unlike any other zombie apocalypse novel out there.