Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Finding Lucy

Terri Morrison Kaiser
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Article number: BK-FINDLUCY-CS

Certain things bother Ian Flynn to no end; children, dogs, old women, and a woman with an agenda. He unwittingly places himself smack in the middle of them all in the small village of Butternut Creek, Wisconsin. And to make matters worse, Lucy Mitchell's latest agenda is to rid Butternut Creek of him. Not that it matters. She isn't going to get her way. Yet just as Ian is preparing to allow Lucy to flex her powers of persuasion, a tragedy turns his world upside down.

Moonlight Bay Camp for Kids is Lucy's safe haven, the place that saved she and her sister in their youth. Now the camp that means so much to Lucy and the whole area is threatened and she isn't about to stand still for it. But what can a small town girl do against big city money and a big city ego? Turns out, quite a bit. Only time and a rude awakening will seal the fate of them all.