Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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Kevin Comerford
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Article number: BK-HAL-CS

Our story begins with three seemingly ordinary children from Wisconsin who go to visit their grandparents at the family cabin in Michigan. Without TV or video games to keep them entertained, they decide to embark upon a simple adventure that turns into something quite extraordinary after they get lost in a cave and exit through a portal into the medieval kingdom of Halcyon, where the children discover that their arrival has been foretold by a 1000-year-old prophesy.

As the Chosen Ones, Sean the Daring, Adam the Strong, and Katherine the Wise must conquer the Valley of Fears, where each child will face and conquer his or her greatest fear or be destroyed. By working as a team, they manage to overcome the profound dangers awaiting them in this new land and achieve the ultimate victory. Along the way, they learn the importance of honor, loyalty, respect, and bravery. They also come to realize the most important lesson of all--individually they are just ordinary children, but together, they can accomplish anything.