Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Iconic Eau Claire Puzzle (1,000 pc)

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Designed by Volume One staff

What are the components that make a community what it is? Is it the bustling places in which we gather, the features we share with visitors, or the ways we pass our days? Maybe it’s the businesses we support, the events we attend, or the public organizations we hold dear. The truth is, it’s a bit of all of these, and more. In Eau Claire, we’re lucky to have a diverse array of elements unique to our community alone – our icons – that make up our collective civic identity. Whether you’re passionate about the outdoors, sports, music, the arts, food & drink, or any number of aspects of local life – this community can deliver. But does the puzzle miss one of your favorite things about Eau Claire? Probably. There’s just too much good here! And that’s a pretty nice problem to have... Enjoy!

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

8x10 poster included