Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin

J. Henry Bellefontaine 5 Year Reserve - 750ml

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Article number: ALC-JHB5YR


Every bottle of J. Henry & Sons bourbon is made in small batches, slow-aged a minimum of five years, in large barrels in a rustic barn on the Henry farmstead. The uncontrolled temperature in this historic barn allows the wild Wisconsin weather swings to work magic between the bourbon and the barrels. The result is a pure Wisconsin craft bourbon releasing aromas of sweet corn, caramel pudding, toffee, creamy vanilla, dark cocoa, cinnamon, coconut shavings and Jamaican allspice, to be sipped and savored. Reward yourself and enjoy our family’s new crafted bourbon and celebrate the fruits of your labor with ours.

Heirloom crops grown right on our farmAll of our bourbons are made using Heirloom Red Corn, Heirloom Wheat, and Heirloom Rye, all grown on our farm in South Central Wisconsin, which has been in our family since 1946.

We use a unique, 4-grain mash bill for all our bourbon products: 60% Red Heirloom Corn, 14% Heirloom Winter Wheat, 14% Heirloom Spooner Rye, and 12% Malted barley (sourced from northern WI). While most bourbons utilize the sweetness of wheat or the spiciness or rye as their ‘flavor grain,’ we decided to use both to create a complex, yet balanced, easy drinking whiskey that both sweet wheat and spicy rye bourbon lovers can reward themselves with together.