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Kissing Livvy

Terri Morrison Kaiser
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Article number: BK-KISSLIVVY-CS

After years of bouncing between foster homes, Livvy Sherman's one attempt at commitment blew apart with a resounding thud and she ran. Heading north to search for her biological father she is caught up in a misguided environmental protest, finds herself staring down the barrel of Jesse Tully's shotgun. With no where to go, she's at the mercy of this family whose loyalty is a steel trap when put to the test.

Lumberjack Jesse Tully's life is a dumping ground for nothing but commitment and responsibility. With a disapproving father, a troubled teenager, a crabby grandma, and a struggling family business weighing on him, the last thing Jesse needed was this free-spirited protestor on his doorstep. Funny thing is, the one person with no family to speak of, Livvy gives his family what they, and he, need most.

Once again, the open road is looking mighty attractive to Livvy. Will the one thing she fears the most be the very thing that saves her?