Downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Leaving Detroit

Louise Barfknecht
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Article number: BK-LVDT-CS

Detroit lies under a summer heat made even hotter by the remains of charred buildings from the 1967 riots. Louise and Bob, a young married couple, agree to leave for a more beautiful place. Why not Italy and why not see the world before they settle down? Louise convinces Bob to travel west across the Pacific to the Far East and central Asia toward Europe and Italy. When they arrive in Peshawar, Pakistan, the mood and temper of the trip has changed. It’s Ramadan. They are tired and hungry. There is snow on the mountains. Winter approaches. They find no organized transportation and hitch a ride into Afghanistan with a druggie couple driving a beat up VW camper. Trouble begins. Worry becomes anxiety. Italy for Christmas was the plan. There are five thousand miles to go.