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Living with the Evidence 2

Thomas King
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Article number: BK-LIVWITHEV2-CS

The stories within the pages take time forward and out of my early years. This completes those years and moves it forward past the first sixty. The chapters tell of the trials that I faced as the years passed by. It also tells of the largest change in life that I will face in my later years. Over half of the chapters cover this change. Others have said that I do not know what they have gone through when the loss of a spouse happens. They are wrong; they do not know what I have gone through unless they read the story within. Life was passing by with my spouse of thirty-seven years. She spent the last few years in an assisted-living facility. Follow the last days we lived as a couple and the issues I now face as a single man. I am back on my path, walking alone. Life for me takes an unfavorable turn for the worse. Everything changed after the stroke of midnight, on New Year's Day. I may never recover from this loss, as I look down and see her name etched in stone.