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Lucy's Goat Milk Soap - Kris Kringle

Lucy's Goat Milk Soap
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Article number: THNG-CCKRIS-CS

This farm-fresh goat milk is combined with other natural ingredients to bring you an exceptional bar of soap. Lucy's luxurious soap is available in hand bars, bath bars and beautifully molded shapes. Lucy's soap comes in a wide variety of scents as well as unscented for those with sensitive skin. These amazing soaps take at least 6 weeks to make, are made in small batches, and are twice "milled" which means they are melted twice to last longer and hold their scent longer. Made locally in Mondovi.

This beautifully detailed Kris Kringle soap is the perfect gift for your family and friends! They can enjoy it's warm inviting sleigh ride scent throughout the holidays and use it whenever they desire.

This soap is scented with an amazing fragrance oil called "Sleigh Ride". Sleigh ride is a delightful blend of orange, green apple, peppermint and cloves. This makes it a perfect scent for the holidays as well as a warm and wonderful year round aroma.

Some variation in color will occur between soaps. Some shrinkage will be experienced over several months time. This additional curing makes the soap even more long-lasting. When using Lucy's Soaps, please rest it on a soap dish that drains. Your soap will last even longer if it is not allowed to sit in water and get mushy.

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