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Lumberjack Mills Beer Bread Bottle

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Article number: THNG-BRBR-V1-Original

SO EASY! Just stir together 1 bottle of beer bread and one can of beer (12oz) at room temperature and bake! Regular or lite beer may be used - each different beer lends its own unique flavor to the finished product.

Years ago, you couldn't swing an ax round these parts without shaving the beard off a hungry lumberjack. The hillsides of the Chippewa Valley were crawling with might men, their tummies a-rumblin' with a powerful famishment. That's why ones mess hall cook stirred up a good-n-hearty bread mix, combining robust ingredients, rich flavors, and beer (the lumberjack's elixir) into crusty loaves of greatness. Today, Eau Claire's own Lumberjack Mills Beer Bread offers you that same heartiness in a trio of savory flavors.


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