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Meet Me at the Creek Game

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Eli Bremer is the Eau Claire resident behind the Meet Me At The Creek board game.

Meet Me at the Creek is ages 8+, family board game. With 2-4 players and takes about 25- 45 minutes to play. This is an exciting game of chase, race, and capture.  The game is familiar and if you've played other popular board games you'll have this down in no time!  We are using dice and the number 33 as the BILLY BONUS. Players must try and get their Goaties out of their "HOME" area by rolling a 3 or 33 (BILLY BONUS). Players can create blockades and it is a race to see who can get all 4 Goatees around Red Daisy Way, Hide & Seek Rd., Ice Bridge Ave., and Hellbender Dr., in an effort to be the first to grab a beer, tap their feet and MEET ME AT THE CREEK. There is plenty of strategy with 12 Ole' Slew foot safety areas and Away From The Mire landing strip.

Bremer has been following Grammy-winning musician Billy Strings on his current tour to further promote the board game, which was inspired by Strings. In an interview for a recent Volume One article, Bremer explained how his love of music and art, including Strings’ tunes, ultimately led to dreaming up MMATC. Now, that dream will turn into reality.