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Never Fished? Give It A Try!

Jesse Piontek
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Article number: BK-NFGIAT-CS

Have you ever tried fishing? If you have not, you may be missing out! Most people who are avid in the outdoors were introduced to it by their grandparents, parents, or friends. Unfortunately, you may be a person that would love the sport of fishing, but you were never introduced and don't know where to start. This book will give you the basics on what equipment to buy (on a low budget!) where to go, what species to target - based on your preference of sport or eating quality, and how to pursue different species of fish, with easy techniques. Fishing is very relaxing, relieves stress, is fun for both children and adults, and is very rewarding. And most importantly for many people - fish are DELICIOUS! This book has multiple chapters covering equipment, location, finding maps, understanding fish location, lure/bait presentation, shore fishing, canoes/kayaks/paddleboat fishing, boat types, fish recipes, panfishing, bass fishing, northern pike fishing, trout fishing, sturgeon fishing, musky fishing, rough species fishing on lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds, and so much more! The author loves to teach people, and tries to mix a little sense of humor in as well.