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Norwegian Wood

Lars Mytting
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Article number: BK-NRW

Building a fire to warm your home is incredibly satisfying. Spitting logs, stacking and seasoning the wood, and then building a fire is the height of self-sufficiency. Norwegian Wood is a practical and inspiring book that teaches you how to do all of those things. A runaway bestselling in Europe, the book provides in-depth information about tree types, wood-stacking methods, tools, and stoves; it also examines the history of man's longstanding need for warmth and his passion for open fire. And who better to impart wisdom on these subjects than an expert from Scandinavia, where the cold and extreme climes have obliged generations to carefully hone their knowledge of axes, logs, and heat.

Lars Mytting's Norwegian Wood is the definitive handbook on the basics of this renewable energy source, imparting valuable lessons from a rustic, self-sufficient, and simple way of life.