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One Fine Day - The Over Unders

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Article number: MU-OFD-CS

A diverse collection of upbeat Rock N' Roll songs that are inspired by Britpop, Classic Alternative, and something entirely new.

After receiving substantial critical praise for their first two EP's from music blogs like Absolute Powerpop and 1001 Records, The Over Unders knew it was time to make a leap forward in their musical career. Creating a debut LP became the focus for brothers Sam and Matthew Hellman, who were already swimming in a substantial batch of new songs by the time 2017's Bet On Us was released. Last summer proved to be the most productive writing period for the band to date, as every day seemed to bring forth a track with more power than the last. Drummer Matthew even got in on the action, making his first creative contribution on the Cow Punk anthem "Sleep the night Away." As the time to record approached in January of 2018, the challenge for the band was no longer producing solid material, but trying to decide which of the 20+ new songs to include. What resulted is "One Fine Day," an album that is both a culmination of The Over Unders work so far, and a look at their musical direction going forward. This diverse collection of 11 tracks truly has something for everyone, with sounds reminiscent of Britpop, Alternative, and everything in between. However, what truly makes this record is its fresh take on Rock N' Roll that is entirely unique to this band of brothers. All 30 odd minutes of One Fine Day will leave you energized, nostalgic, and ready for more Over Unders.